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We specialize in the unique and handmade pagan products… For pagans by pagans.

We have gathered products from the very best pagan artisans and practitioners that we have found in our many years of searching. We bring you the very special, unique, handmade, charged and potent ritual tools and spell supplies. We support pagans worldwide.

We carry quality items for Wiccans, Heathens, Traditional Witches, Hedge Witches, Ceremonial Magicians, also Conjue, Hoodoo, Voudun, Yoruba, Santa Muerte, some Left-Hand Path and more! Our brand of products includes forged blades, carved wood ritual tools made from hard to find European woods such as Rowan, Blackthorn and Whitethorn, we also have jewelry, incense and oil blends – and we offer custom work. We carry the best statuary and oil blends by famous Pagan artists.

Our apothecary is large – we are incense and herb experts – in all we have over 200 witchcraft and occult herbs, aromatic woods and resins, over 110 essential oils. We also carry more exotic witchcraft plants such as Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, Fox Glove.

We ship all over North America and to pagan service men and women overseas. We try to keep our shipping cost low. For International Customers: We can ship to Europe, South America and Canada. With International Customers must have a valid shipping address. We don’t deliver to any P.O. Boxes. We utilize Paypal for our orders, so your financial information is secure. Also, your refund gets to you much quicker if you decide to return any items. For any questions or inquiries please use our Contact Us page.

Average Delivery: 4 - 15 Days within USA*

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